Emdad Foods

ابحث عن عنوان ورقم تليفون Emdad Foods المصنف ضمن شركات خدمات تقديم الطعام في دليل شركات الأطعمة والمشروبات العمانية على دليل الأعمال اون لاين، الدليل التجاري لاصحاب الاعمال والانشطة التجارية في عمان. Emdad Foods is an accumulation of the commercial and agricultural business owned by the Daghmash family with extensive experience stretching over seven decades in the cultivation and trade in fruits and vegetables, as well as frozen and dry food supplies. Since 1956.

Emdad has observed a significant growth in its business. Having commenced its operations in Jordan, its business activities have been extended to cover the GCC, before eventually selecting the Omani capital Muscat in 1997 as the headquarters for running its operations. In 2021, an organizational restructuring took place , with our organization merging and integrating with our farms and warehouses to operate under one umbrella: "Emdad Foods".

العنوان: Muscat Expy Rusayl Industrial Estate OM, 124, Oman

رقم تليفون 1: +96824446663

  • الأسم: Mohammad Aldoghmosh
  • تاريخ النشر: 22 November 2021
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