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ابحث عن عنوان ورقم تليفون NAQSH Trading المصنف ضمن تجار الاطعمة العضوية في دليل شركات الأطعمة والمشروبات المصرية على دليل الأعمال اون لاين، الدليل التجاري لاصحاب الاعمال والانشطة التجارية في مصر. Since its establishment in 2019, NAQSH Trading is committed to serving premium agri-food crops and animal feed products from Egypt to the world. NAQSH Trading comes to promote the export of high-quality Egyptian herbs, spices, seeds, animal feed products, and plants - some of the best quality products worldwide, while providing our clients with remarkable customer experiences that pivot on punctuality, commitment to quality and sustainability

The Sudanese White Sesame is one of the most elite seeds consumed globally and is counted as the second strategic crop after cotton in Sudan. That reflects Sudan’s ranking among the mega exporters, as it takes third place in white sesame cultivation and exporting

Hard Times for the Sudanese White Sesame

Nowadays, Sudanese White Sesame trading faces many challenges, including product processing and logistic issues, which affect the Sudanese exporters and the buyers who are desperate for sustainable, swift, and accurate white sesame sources from Sudan
From their side, the Sudanese farmers have a lot of troubles that prevent them from introducing white sesame to the international markets due to their political situation and insufficient storage, packing, and finishing of the product

Subsequently, buyers are badly affected; their work cycle may delay or even cease as orders delivery time reaches 20 to 25 days

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